Our Services

Commsite Estates can offer a range of services including:

  • Marketing of your property portfolio directly to the fixed, mobile and broadcast telecommunications industries.
  • Managing New Site Applications from the telecommunications carriers. We can review designs to ensure they are appropriate for the building type, whilst ensuring that the commercial terms are in line with the market for facilities of that type.
  • Telco Site Audits to clarify exactly what telecommunications equipment has been installed, confirm the carriers are in compliance with their lease/licence obligations, highlight any issues of concern and provide advice on current market values.
  • Preparation of lease and licence documentation. Commsite Estates can work with your lease administration team to develop standard lease, licence or compensation agreements with each of the main carriers. This has the potential to create major savings in your future legal costs. Our experience in the industry and similar work on other major portfolios means we can provide valuable commercial, legal and technical input
  • Dispute Resolution. The carrier may be in breach of one or more of the terms of the lease or licence, or may have damaged your property during the construction or subsequent maintenance of the site. The carrier may wish to upgrade, extend or relocate the facility. Alternatively, you may wish to refurbish, redevelop or sell your property which may require the co-operation of the carrier. Commsite Estates can act as your single point of contact with the carrier(s) to resolve any issues which arise during the life cycle of the telecommunications site.
  • EME Advisory Services. There is a growing awareness about the legal responsibilities around the issue of EME emissions and exposure. Building owners and/or managers have a responsibility to reduce the potential for EME exposure to staff, contractors and the general public. We can obtain Compliance Certificates from the carriers in relation to any facilities. We can request from the carriers copies of Compliance Certificates as well as Radio Communications Site Management Books for any buildings where telco facilities are installed. These books are designed to help ensure anyone who is required to work near the radio telecommunications equipment installed on the property can do so safely.
  • Due Diligence. You may seek to alter, refurbish, redevelop or undertake work to one of its properties in a way that would impact upon one or more of the telecommunications facilities. You may also seek to acquire or dispose of properties where telecommunications facilities are located. Commsite Estates can assist as part of any Due Diligence process by reviewing the lease or licence, issuing appropriate notification to the carriers and negotiating a mutually acceptable action plan.